Onome Egger is an Austrian-Nigerian bodybuilder, He blew onto the scene in his teenage years after posting videos of himself online flexing his incredible physique.

Onome started training when he realized he needed to increase his strength and size, to improve his performance while playing American Football. When Onome saw how well his body adapted to lifting weights, he fell in love with training, and the progress he saw through the months of hard work in the gym – this is when he decided to leave the field behind in place of the weights room.

As a former American football player, Onome Egger learned the rigors of hard core training, sound nutrition, diligence and a clean lifestyle early on. Now with his rising worldwide popularity, Onome's core following of serious natural athletes and bodybuilders grows by nearly 10K each week because he's respected among his piers and lives what he preaches. The 188 cm, 105 kgs, 21 year old, Musclemania® Pro has developed a classic, athletic physique, trains 6 days a week and eats clean all season. Onome is in demand for commercial appearances, expos, seminars, exhibitions and media events.


Onome Egger