Jaclyn Glenn success on YouTube is with the channel "JaclynGlenn," where she discusses topics such as religion, atheism, animal rights, politics, and many other issues in a serious yet comical fashion. She is known for being an atheist and skeptic.

Jaclyn Glenn born on March 25, 1988 and grew up as a Catholic, and a very devout one at that. She began to question the faith because of the way it treated divorce, specifically her mother, who was barred from receiving communion. Nevertheless, she stuck with it even until her first YouTube videos, where her opinions greatly differentiated from her current views. She is and has been a liberal even while still a Catholic. She became a vegetarian in 2010 and is rumored to currently be a pescatarian. Her first videos were mainly about why she adopted the vegetarian diet and reasons why others should as well. She made a video in 2012 where she told her fans that she was an agnostic, and she is now an atheist.

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Jaclyn Glenn