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Eva Andressa (born December 19, 1984 Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil) is a Brazilian Fitness Model For international. She became a celebrity when she started a career in fitness modeling. Apart from gracing the covers of various fashion and fitness magazines, Eva appeared on TV shows too. Eva's incredible journey from being a skinny girl to an absolute goddess served as an inspiration to many, and Eva soon became an international celebrity. Eva likes inspiring people and wants others to stay in shape too. Eva continues to pose as a fitness model and is considered an icon in the field. She has a massive fan following all over the world.

Eva Andressa was subjected to body shaming in her early teenage years, as she was skinny. She then decided to work out and build a dream physique. When she was 17 years old, Eva felt he was not training the right way. This made her take a break from training. She was also looking for a trainer who could help her in achieving her dream physique. She then met Jardel Barros, whom she would go on to marry later in life. Jardel, who was himself an athlete, helped Eva train properly. He also served as an inspiration to her and made Eva realize her true potential.

When Eva realized that her body was responding well to her training, she thought of competing at professional competitions. In 2005, she participated in the 'NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup'. She was just 21 years old at that time. Though it was her first professional competition, she managed to impress the judges and became the “Figure” champion. In 2006, she participated in the 'NABBA Paraná Championships,' which is a national-level competition. Eva caught the attention of many Brazilians when she won the first prize effortlessly. Following her victory, she became popular all over Brazil. She then decided to take a break from professional competition. However, she never stopped training. In fact, she started training harder, as she had still not achieved her dream physique. She changed her training method and focused on achieving what she had in her mind.

She made a comeback in 2008 and started competing at bigger events. She participated in the 'IFBB Body Fitness Competition' and ended up winning the competition. In 2009, she participated in another 'IFBB' competition. Despite tough competition, Eva performed extremely well to win the first place. The same year, she entered the 'IFBB South American Championships'. Though she did not win the competition, she ended up as the first runner-up. By now, Eva was completely happy with her physique and felt she had achieved her primary goal. Though she enjoyed posing as a bodybuilder, Eva decided to change her career, as she was not making enough money in the field of bodybuilding. When she was 25 years old, Eva began to pursue a career in fitness modeling.

Soon, Eva gained prominence as a fitness model, as her jaw-dropping physique attracted the attention of many professional photographers. She started gracing the covers of many popular magazines. In March 2013, she posed for the popular lifestyle magazine 'Revista Sexy'.

In 2010, Eva appeared on the Brazilian late-night talk show 'Programa do Jô'. After appearing on the show, Eva became a national celebrity. She then posed for various magazines and went on to become a fitness icon in Brazil. In 2014, she started delivering motivational speeches in an attempt to inspire people to focus on their health and fitness. In 2015, she started hosting a TV show titled 'Dica Fitness'. In the show, Eva interviewed popular athletes and bodybuilders.

Since she no longer competes at professional competitions, she has reduced her training hours. She trains three times a week and focuses on completing four sets of various exercises. Eva serves as an inspiration to many. She does her best to motivate others through various social-media platforms. | FACEBOOK | and | INSTAGRAM |