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Christie Jay is a model, cosplayer and avid comic book collector. An entertainment journalist and internationally published tattoo model. Born in Los Angeles, she moved to Las Vegas at a young age and went on to receive her bachelor's in Journalism from UNLV, and during the time interviewed artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, founder of Never say Die label, Skism, as well as athletes like UFC fighter Elias Theorodeu. Her most recognizable outfits being her original mashups Darth Quinn and Harley Trooper.

Not only has her writing been published worldwide, her photos have also been published around the world. Most recognized by her owl tattoo on her stomach, she has been published in magazines across the world such as Inked Magazine, Lowrider Magazine, Vegas RATED, and Skin and Ink. Christie has also graced the covers of tattoo magazines internationally, such as in the Czech Republic and Taiwan. Christie Jay on | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | PATREON | WEBSITE | CHRISTIEJAY OFFICIAL | and | CHRISTIE JAY |