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Famous on social media as Instagram star, model and actress has attracted over 900,000 Instagram followers. She is also known for her appearances on the series Teens Wanna Know and as a member of CloutGang. Carrington Durham born September 26, 1998 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

She started off at a young age and was liked by her audiences instantly. She has appeared on various TV shows such as 'Teens Wanna Know', 'Hole in the Wall' and '10 Seconds'. Carrington has a huge fan following on social media sites, including YouTube and Instagram. She has more than 397K subscribers on YouTube. She is followed on social media for her sense of style, her hairdos and her fashion statements. She regularly posts various make up tutorials and other challenges on her channel.

She is also a model which isn’t a surprise due to her alluring features and great physique. Carrington also uses social media to promote various brands and products that she endorses. She continues to take acting classes despite already being established as an actress in the industry. After all, practice makes one perfect. Carrington has acted in several popular movies and TV shows as well. She also features in numerous advertisements by top brands. Carrington Durham on | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | and | TWITTER |