Anna Marisax is a Polish social media influencer focused on traveling, lifestyle and modeling. Born in Poland, she started traveling at the a very young age and have been always fascinated by discovering new cultures and places.

Marisax started to share her experiences in 2015, using the main social media platforms and discovered that she could inspire people to explore the beauties of her world!

Marisax has traveled from Asia, to Oceania, North America to South America, Europe to Africa. According to her, every single place has its own unique vibe and atmosphere and she try to catch it and share it with everyone!

Her main focus has been on traveling, she also started to work with the modeling industry and inspire people in fashion and in their lifestyle habits. She want to continue to inspire people to be a better version of themselves and to discover the beauties and unique places that we can find all around the world!


Anna Marisax