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Angie was born on 16th May 1982 in Bakersfield, California, United States of America. Her nationality is American. The famous YouTuber attended a private school in California and completed her graduation. Angie Griffin is a famous YouTuber who runs the channel with her husband, Chad. She is often seen posting several famous songs on their YouTube channel.

Angie Griffin began the ‘Screen Team‘ channel on 11th, Jan 2010. The first video, IMMA BE PARODY, was released on March 18th, 2010. Moreover, she runs the channel with her husband, Chad, often spoofing popular songs, TV shows, and films.

The proficient YouTuber, Angela Griffin has also got a versatile acting skill. She came to make any men crazy for her with her gorgeous look. Therefore, she is already with someone.

Since 2006, she began dating Chad. The duo looks amazing together and is seen posting several pictures together on their Instagram account. They have a good chemistry together as they spent most of their time together. Moreover, they also work together and are very supportive of one another. As of now, the couple is seen happy together and there is no news regarding their separation. Angie Griffin on | YOUTUBE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | and | PATREON |