November 05, 2021

He become famous for his abilities to crushing ridiculous life hacks -- with his deadpan silence.


TikTok sensation Khabane Lame and Naomi Campbell

TikTok sensation Khabane Lame, famously known as Khaby Lame, gained popularity online once videos of him reacting to pointless life hacks and DIY videos blew up on the internet. He became an internet muse as he never spoke a word in his TikTok videos yet became one of the most popular content creators.

He is a former factory worker in Italy has become the fastest-growing content creator on TikTok. When Italy first went into a coronavirus lockdown last year, Khabane Lame had just lost his job at a factory near the northern city of Turin.

He spent his days holed up at his parents' home in Chivasso with his three siblings, looking for other jobs. One day, he downloaded TikTok and started tinkering with it in his bedroom, posting videos of himself under the name Khaby Lame. And gradually, a surprising career was born.

In an interview with the New York Times, the social media personality admitted that he gained popularity online due to the 'global language' he speaks. “It’s my face and expressions which make people laugh.” His stoic facial expressions have also turned him into a meme star -- with his face reposted in reaction videos on social media.

It’s my face and expressions which make people laugh.

Khaby Lame

Lame is one of the fastest-growing content creators on TikTok. He's gaining an average of almost 200,000 followers a day and is on pace to eclipse the platform's most popular star, according to Social Blade, which tracks social media analytics.

Based on tiktok analytic history on Social Blade, highest monthly likes last April with more than 398M likes. In the same month Lame also gained almost 30M followers. While it peaked in May of more than 32M followers.

Is Khaby Lame Rich?

Khaby Lame is a Senegalese TikToker with an estimated net worth of $5 million in 2021 (and of course will continue to grow).

Given his rapid rise to internet fame, it has opened up a whole host of ways to earn money. Brands are eager to partner with popular influencers that have excellent fan engagement.

He charges brands $50,000 for a single promotional video on TikTok and is estimated to make $200,000 per month. The majority of his income comes from brand sponsorships and also runs an online store selling everything from t-shirts, juicers and magic candles!

How did Khaby Lame Become Famous?

Khabane Lame, popularly known as Khaby Lame is an internet celebrity famous for posting viral videos. His fame began when he went viral on TikTok for making videos that will leave anyone rolling on the floor laughing.

He's the most followed TikToker in Italy. He attributes his success to his funny facial expressions and the fact that he posts every single day to crushing ridiculous life hacks. The best part? He does not say a single word in any of his videos.

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