What you see is just enough to make your eyes bulge and maybe admire her. It's just a way to get famous on social media.

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Una Nedeljov Strappy Triangular Bikini

Una Nedeljov, a glamorous model from Serbia who wore a fashionable triangular strappy bikini. Triangular bikini with white purple horizontal stripes and floral prints for the bottoms.

Is it the fashion that made Una Nedeljov famous on Instagram? I think not only that. On Instagram, Nedeljov has more than 1.2 million followers. It's not enough with one fashionable photo to garner that many followers. Isn't it?

Okay, I want to go back to discussing the photo above. Maybe we have the same thought that, Nedeljov has a beautiful body, athletic, wide hips, slim and of course beautiful. However, it's just enough to make your eyes pop and maybe adore her.

Because not only Nedeljov who has a beautiful body, slim and athletic. Just to be amazed, it seems you don't need to focus more on Nedeljov. There are many Instagram stars who have the same beautiful body as her. They do the same thing to get fame on social media.