Get weightloss fitness motivation from beautiful fitness trainer. Who has lost weight over 145 lbs naturally

Hard to believe but that's how it happened. Josie Varela has successfully lost more than 145 lbs, now offering Fitness Content and Weightloss Tips on her social media accounts. It seems this is the first step of her fame as a fitness trainer.

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Josie's smile describes how happy she is right now, having successfully lost over 146 lbs

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Now Josie can be more fashionable and of course much prettier than when she was fat

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Before and after transformation weight loss over 146 lbs. We should be proud of her achievements so far

As a fitness trainer, of course she is a social media user who can attract the attention of many people. On Instagram she has over 33K followers and over 78K followers on TikTok.

Based on the number of followers, Josie is still one of the social media users who are building fame. However, it could be believed that one day she could gain more followers. As long as Josie continues to provide relevant content to other social media users.

Few records can be found of her. However, we must honestly give an assessment of her efforts to lose weight to 145 lbs. She is getting more beautiful and fashionable. It is suitable to be one of the fitness trainers of your choice.